As MESC Shop family, we keep the safety of our customers shopping at


From the moment you place your order through, we will forward payment, billing and shipping information via SMS and email to you.


In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, we keep the whole process under control until the delivery of the product and the delivery of the order.




The ordered product will be prepared within 1-3 business days and will be delivered to the cargo company you have preferred on the payment screen.

Your orders are shipped within the scope of '' Mail and Express Cargo Transportation '' with Aramex Express or DHL Express companies according to your choice on the payment screen. In order to organize the delivery time in the best possible way, we are in business with the best companies in the cargo sector.


 Delivery Times 


Delivery time is 2-5 business days.


Delivery times customs procedures, natural disasters, strike, transfer hijack etc. the causes are outside the scope of the specified periods.



Address information


In order for your order to arrive as quickly as possible, please write down your address details as clearly as possible. You can even write in your address information if you have one. (Example: third street after entering the post office etc.)



You can cancel your order within 24 hours. We can not cancel or change the orders delivered to the cargo company.


Damaged / Missing Orders


Open the package you received with the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any damage or deficiency, contact us immediately.


In case of damaged products, in order for the return process to take place quickly, the return form and the pictures of the damaged product must be sent to After the documents have been inspected and approved, the damaged customer of the damaged product is paid. However, no relevant payment is made for the cargo fee. Return payment will be made according to your scheme. The return of your account is at the initiative of your bank. Refunds made by credit card are paid within 45 days at the latest and payments made by bank transfer are reflected within 1 week at the latest.


In the case of missing products, following directions will be followed in accordance with the request of the customer;

1-Returning the price of the missing product to the customer. No cargo payments are made.

2-Resupply of missing product free of charge to the customer.

3-Delivery of a discount coupon as much as the price of the missing product. No cargo payments are made.


In the case of missing products, in order for the return process to take place quickly, the return form must be sent at Following the examination and approval of the document, one of the above mentioned routes will be followed according to the preference of the customer.





 Return Time


In general, products you buy may be returned quickly within 48 hours from the date of delivery, as they are perishable products with food content.



Return Policy

• The products have not been used and the original boxes have not been damaged.

• It is enough to inform us at to initiate the return process.

• Return and exchange cargo fees belong to the customer. The products are our responsibility until our arrival. All damages and losses incurred during the return journey belong to the customer

• All copies of invoices must be sent to us.

• The labels on the product should not be removed.

• Refunds and exchanges that do not comply with these conditions are not accepted.

• The return form in the cargo must be filled in full.

• Return payment will be made according to your scheme. The return of your account is at the initiative of your bank. Refunds made by credit card are paid within 45 days at the latest and payments made by bank transfer are reflected within 1 week at the latest.

• Returns do not include fees, taxes or other shipping charges.

• The return fee will be charged after we receive your order.



Important Security Features


Contrary to popular belief, credit card information of users is often played in physical environments, not shopping on the internet. For this reason, be careful when using your credit card in daily life, do not give your credit card number, expiration date and CVC (Security Number) number. E-commerce sites that take countermeasures against fraudsters trying to shop with credit card information stolen in physical environments such as restaurants, stores, etc. are caught up with these fraudsters and they are contacted by the real owner of the credit card. Carefully check the end of the month's statement information and contact the companies for purchases that do not mean anything to you.


Choose companies you know when shopping online. On this page you can get detailed information about all the topics that you think about. Be sure to include the phone's address and phone number on the Internet site. If you are going to shop at a company you do not know, make a note of all the phone / address information of the store where you bought the product without making your purchase. Confirm by phone before shopping if you do not trust.



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