Product Booking

10 minutes for purchasing your products in your shopping cart. remain hidden. Purchase process 10 minutes from the payment page. If you do not complete it, your products will be released and presented to other customers.


How can I make a payment?

You can make your payments safely via bank transfer or our SSL secured site via Visa, Master and American Card via virtual POS.


Is VAT Included in Prices?

Yes, the displayed prices include VAT.


Shipping Cost Is the price included?

No, the shipping charge is not included in the displayed prices, but is added and displayed in the casinos before the purchase is completed.


Taxes and Customs Costs Cargo Charge?

No, there is a possibility of being subject to customs in the country where the orders are going, detailed studies have been done for the customs conditions of all the countries we have served, customs costs to be met and precautions have been taken for the taxes and customs risk is tried to be reduced with applications such as kg and price limits for your shopping cart. Customs costs and taxes may vary by country. If the senders are subject to the customs, all responsibility belongs to the buyer.


Which currency can I use?

We will accept payments in USD currency for all purchases you will make via, our work for other currencies continues., the currency exchange between two currencies can not be held responsible for any changes in the institution.


Payment System at Door Is Available?

No, all payments are accepted via bank transfer or virtual POS, our work for the payment system at the door is ongoing.

For more information about the payment system;