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Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine

Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine
Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine
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Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine
Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine
Arçelik K 3400 Telve White Turkish Coffee Machine

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  • Brand: Arçelik
  • Weight: 2.40kg

Arçelik K 3400 Telve Turkish Coffee Machine

Arçelik K 3400 Telve Turkish Coffee Machine, which offers the comfort of drinking coffee of the same consistency each time, takes coffee pleasure to another dimension. Arçelik coffee machine is a very useful tool for Turkish coffee drinkers with its practical structure. You can crown your coffee pleasure with Arçelik and introduce traditional taste with the conveniences of modern technology. Buy Arçelik coffee machine for yourself or your loved ones and add flavor to coffee times. Thanks to "Cook Sense Technology", it detects cooking and thanks to "Anti Spill Technology" it prevents overflow and prevents minor accidents.

  • Convenience of Preparing Turkish Coffee at the Touch of a Button
  • The coffee machine gives the user the opportunity to prepare coffee at the touch of a button.
  • It provides the opportunity to cook coffee up to 3 cups in each single use.
  • The audible and light warning system informs the user when the coffee is ready.
  • Anti Spill technology prevents coffee from spilling and scattering around.
  • Spinjet technology, which makes an effective mixing by spraying water, offers foamy coffee pleasure.
  • The machine, which makes automatic water intake from the large water tank, has an indicator showing the water level.


  • Power (W) 670
  • Light Warning
  • Has Measuring Spoon
  • Voice Alert
  • Coffee Pot Material Plastic
  • Product Color Red
  • Cook Sense Technology (Detect Cooking)
  • Anti Spill Technology (Overflow Prevention)
  • One Touch Control
  • Coffee Pot Color Black
  • Cup Capacity 3

Package Information


24 cm
Length16,8 cm                                    
Size24,5 cm

3 kg


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