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Bioxcin - Aqua Thermal DS Shampoo, 200 ml - 6.76 oz

Bioxcin - Aqua Thermal DS Shampoo, 200 ml - 6.76 oz
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Bioxcin - Aqua Thermal DS Shampoo, 200 ml - 6.76 oz

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Product Description

Shampoo to help prevent recurrent oily dandruff formation. Thanks to its high sulfur content, Bolu Göynük Thermal Water plays an extra role in combating dandruff and refreshes the scalp. Probiotics strengthen the natural barrier of the skin while nourishing the hair and scalp, while reducing the itching caused by vitamin B6 and contributing to the formation of healthy scalp. Bioxcin Aquathermal DS Shampoo, Octopirox®, Zinc Pirition, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, provide an anti-dandruff effect. And finally; While it helps to prevent dandruff with Niacinamide, it moisturizes the skin and hair with Glycerin.


It is applied 3 times a week for at least 3 weeks. It is massaged by foaming on wet hair and 3 minutes. is kept along. If necessary, the application is repeated and the hair is thoroughly rinsed. In other days of the week, «Bioxcin Aquathermal Sensitive Hair Skin Shampoo» is recommended as a substitute sensitive skin shampoo that is comfortable for the scalp, suitable for frequent use.


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