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Bioxcin - Quantum Serum, 15 x 6 ml - 15 x 0.2 oz

Bioxcin - Quantum Serum, 15 x 6 ml - 15 x 0.2 oz
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Bioxcin - Quantum Serum, 15 x 6 ml - 15 x 0.2 oz

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Product Description

BioxcinQuantum Serum is produced using more concentrated concentrations of active ingredients than shampoo. It provides targeted repair with the Bio-ActivPeptides in its content and makes the hair look thicker and thicker from the first use **. It helps prevent hair loss by feeding hair follicles with BiocomplexB11.


Remove the cap of the plastic application cap. Break the Bioxcin ampoule from the white line by hand or with a towel. Attach the open-ended plastic application cap to the top of the Bioxcin ampoule. Install the cover of the plastic application cap. Plastic application head hopper before liquid is filled. Turn the Bioxcin ampoule upside down and pump the plastic area so that the liquid fills the plastic application nozzle. Apply to the entire scalp, starting with the scalp area where the hair is experienced. After the hair is washed, apply to damp hair. Serum is applied to the area where the loss is intense, and then to the entire hair and scalp by massaging in a circular motion for about a minute, it is not rinsed. Hair is dried. After drying, shaping is provided with a brush for the required volume. 15 ampoules are for 1 month use (1 ampoule in 2 days). Each bulb is used only once and it is recommended to use its components. It is recommended to be used together with Bioxcin Quantum Sampuan for a more effective result.


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