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Dr. Rena Dermo - Dermaseries Hair Serum 100 ml - 3.38oz

Dr. Rena Dermo - Dermaseries Hair Serum 100 ml - 3.38oz
Dr. Rena Dermo - Dermaseries Hair Serum 100 ml - 3.38oz

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Scalp; It is the organ that prepares the environment for the work of the molecules involved in the development of the hair. Redensyl; Thanks to its content Epigallocatehcin Gallate Glucoside, it helps to prevent scalp and irritation. Stem cells in the hair body; By sending a signal to the hair root, it provides the formation of new matrices. DHQG (Dihydroquertecin Glucoside) in Redensyl stimulates stem cells in the hair body. Stimulated hair follicles are ready for new hair production. Zinc and Glycine in our active nourish the matrix, stimulating the hair follicles faster and growing the hair faster. It accelerates the anagen phase where the hair is newly formed; By leaving behind the telogen phase, which is the hair loss stage, it accelerates hair production, strengthens existing hair and increases the number of live cells. In clinical studies with Redensyl hair removal agent, hair formation has been observed in less than 3 months by stem cell method. Thanks to the herbal extracts and Redensyl it contains, it nourishes the scalp and hair follicles and helps hair to gain a healthy and silky appearance.


It is applied by friction to the scalp 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.


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