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Harem's - Pomegranate Cream, 250 ml - 8.45 oz

Harem's - Pomegranate Cream, 250 ml - 8.45 oz
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Harem's - Pomegranate Cream, 250 ml - 8.45 oz

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Product Description

Thanks to the vitamins E and C, minerals and polyphenols contained in pomegranate oil, it helps the skin to nourish and tighten. It provides antioxidant effect with its punic acid content, defends the skin against negative external factors and makes it look well-groomed. This cream, which contains natural pomegranate oil and special vegetable oils; While it is easily absorbed by your skin, it makes your skin look lively, bright, tightened, renewed and well-groomed throughout the day.


It is recommended to apply on clean skin with gentle circular massage movements when needed.

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