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Koska - Chocolate Coated Mint Flavored Turkish Delight, 140 g - 4.9oz

Koska - Chocolate Coated Mint Flavored Turkish Delight, 140 g - 4.9oz
Koska - Chocolate Coated Mint Flavored Turkish Delight, 140 g - 4.9oz

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Product Description

Koska delight made with natural flavorings and colorings are produced in Turkey for the first time in 100 years of tradition. You will not be able to give up the harmony of taste, which is formed by the combination of this traditional product with chocolate.

Turkish Delight History

Turkish delight with 600 years of history; It is one of the most traditional and delicious Turkish desserts. It was derived from the Ottoman word ul-hulküm, that is, it relieves the throat and became widespread within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, especially in the 17th century. Turkish delight reached its reputation all over the world in its 19th century. Turkish delight, which is accepted as one of the most delicious tastes of Turkish palate and known as “Turkish Delight” all over the world, is one of the traditional treats with a cup of Turkish coffee on its foam. Koska delights from 1907 to the present day; While accompanying spouse, friend and family conversations, it continues to be a gift alternative that will make your loved ones happy for holiday visits.


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