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Redist - Keratin Oil, 3.4 fl oz 100ml

Redist - Keratin Oil, 3.4 fl oz 100ml
Redist - Keratin Oil, 3.4 fl oz 100ml

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Product Description

It quickly penetrates and configures your hair. It makes it look smooth, vibrant and shiny. Keratin consists of keratin molecules, which are one of the important proteins that make up the hair and are connected to each other by sulfur bridges. Chemical processes and external factors break the sulfur bridges that connect the hair, causing damage over time. In order to eliminate these damages and to have a healthier structure, keratin loading is required on the hair. Keratin helps your hair to gain a healthier structure in a short time and gain a shiny appearance. By reconstructing the damaged keratin layer, it helps prevent breakage and ruptures on the hair.

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